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CannAmerica wants you to Be Free.

We are America’s gummi: freedom-loving, Veteran-owned, with that timeless USA spirit built into everything we do.

With more than a decade of combined experience in the legal cannabis industry, CannAmerica’s mission is to craft the most socially responsible gummi in the marketplace, while also setting extremely high standards for flavor, affordability, reliability and overall quality. After years of experimentation and hard work, the team offers Coloradans the finest cannabis gummi in the world.


The best quality products

Distillate oil

We distill our Clear Oil in house from top shelf, locally grown cannabis and infuse into our gummies. The best part? When you chew our gummies, the THC is absorbed through your saliva for the fastest hitting, cleanest edible high on the market. For our CBD products, we only extract from whole plant cannabis.

Real fruit juice

Our mouthwatering line of sweet indica, sour sativa, and sweet and sour hybrid gummies are made with real fruit juice. You’ll taste the difference.

Precision dosing

Sloppy approaches to dosing among some edibles manufacturers has fostered the unfortunate impression that edibles provoke an unpredictable high. Nonsense. Painstaking attention to detail, along with appropriate technology and proper standards, makes the edible cannabis experience even more reliable than flower or concentrates. From day one, we made precise dosing one of the foundations of CannAmerica.

The best compliance

Cannabis, like alcohol, is an adult substance, and not appropriate for juveniles. From the beginning, we decided that full transparency was vital. We are proud to be the first cannabis gummi in the state of Colorado to emblazon our gummies with a symbol — a diamond with THC in the center. In addition, we embraced the iconic cannabis leaf for our corporate logo, and made our gummies in the shape of a leaf, too — there is no hiding CannAmerica gummies from parents, teachers, law enforcement or anybody else who cares about keeping kids away from cannabis.

Social responsibility and community focus

Just like all good Americans, the team at CannAmerica is defined by being good neighbors: in the local community, for causes we care about, and to our environment. We work every day to “show up well” throughout Colorado and the US, supporting fellow freedom-loving missions. We’re grateful for the opportunity to give back whenever and wherever we can.

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