The recipe for Americas Gummie: Mix one measure independence, one part US pride and, top with veteran ownership. The result: The best Gummie the industry has to offer.

The mission of CannAmerica is to forge over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry with our passion for crafting the highest quality gummies on the market. CannAmerica has dedicated years of thoughtful process to perfect a flavorful, socially responsible and, affordable Gummie that we proudly offer to our fellow Americans.

The Highest Quality Gummies

Distillate oil

At CannAmerica we take extreme pride in our oil distillation process. Our in house “ Clear Oil “ is made from locally grown Colorado cannabis and blended into our renowned gummies. The THC is absorbed through your saliva, providing the cleanest and most invigorating edible high available. Even our CBD products are courageously extracted from whole plant cannabis, keeping with CannAmerica’s determination to provide quality and effectiveness.

Real fruit juice

CannAmerica offers hybrid gummies in three courageous flavors: Sweet Indica, Sour Sativa and, Sweet & Sour. Made with real fruit juice, these gummies have been perfected through a labour of love. We know you’ll be as satisfied as we are gratified.

Precision dosing

We use great discretion when it comes to our edible cannabis applications. The foundation of CannAmerica’s precision dosing technology guarantees that your edible experience will be even more reliable than flowers or concentrate. This has been an integral point in our mission statement and, is part of the spirit of CannAmerica’s dedication to you.

Top compliance

From the offset, we at CannAmerica agreed that total transparency was vital, not just to our business, but mainly to ourselves and our customers. This is why we created the first Gummie in the state of Colorado to proudly bear a sigil - A diamond emblazoned with the letters ‘THC’ in its center. So, to further validate CannAmerica’s fortitude, we have embraced the iconic cannabis leaf as our corporate logo and, have cast our gummies in the shape of a leaf. No misguided packaging, just honest, forthright and, dedicated products meant to be enjoyed by responsible adults.