Full Spectrum Distillate Droppers

Combines full spectrum distillate with or without 100% natural terpenes. We find that a full spectrum of cannabinoids give better results in terms of efficacy due to the entourage effect. Can be used to fill reusable vape pens, can be eaten directly or added to food. Gently warm in hot tap water for 3 minutes to make dispensing easier.

Sweet Indica

Sweet & Sour Hybrid

Sour Sativa

RSO Dropper

RSO – aka Rick Simpson Oil aka Phoenix Tears is a very dark, almost black, oil. RSO is the most medicinally beneficial of all the concentrates. This is because it contains the most diverse range of chemicals produced by the cannabis plant, achieved by using everything extracted by the solvent, polar and non-polar. It is NOT recommended to smoke this product, instead it should be taken orally or applied externally for skin irritation or joint pain. It can also be mixed with different cooking oils, especially coconut, for more ease of use and edibility.


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