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Six Lovely Questions With CannAmerica CEO, Dan Anglin – Forbes

CannAmerica CEO dan Anglin


I had the opportunity while I was out in Denver to spend about an hour with Dan Anglin from CannAmerica. Our time together went from lunch over impossibly delicious sandwiches to a broad reaching and deeply introspective conversation. This is an intellectual man who does a very good job at hiding his wry humor and deep knowledge on many subjects. I’m honored, sir and proud to have spend some time and learning from you. Cheers! WB


Warren Bobrow=WB: Where are you from? Where did you gain your inspiration from in cannabis? Where does your inspiration come from? How do you combat stigmas in cannabis?


Dan Anglin=DA: I call northern Colorado home, but I was born and raised in the Air Force and joined the Marine Corps at 17 back in 1988. After my tour of duty ended in 1992, I decided to ride across the western coast of North America for a year and a half. After meeting my wife in 1997, we moved many times. Living all over the Western United States over our 22-year marriage. In short, I’m from everywhere, man—Johnny Cash—but Colorado is my home.


I am inspired by many people and experiences and am blessed to meet new people all the time. I came to the cannabis industry because of a lifelong relationship with the plant. I’ve dedicated my career to cannabis because of the amazing people who are involved, either as consumers, employees or colleagues.


My true inspiration is based on the fact that my mother passed away 10 years ago from an aggressive cancer that went undetected until she was Stage 4, and it was before the state of Arizona had a medical cannabis program. I constantly wonder what her treatment and final days would have been like for her if she would have had access to cannabis. I keep fighting the prohibitionists in her memory and for those who struggle to have that access today. She was only 56 when she passed—not much older than I am now.


To combat the stigma of cannabis, educate through meaningful discussion. I used to be concerned about perceptions and stigma, but now I ignore them. Society has moved on, and those who judge are uninformed.


I strive to have meaningful conversations with people who ask legitimate questions. I don’t have time for those who are only interested in their own belief system—they won’t change their minds and are focused on the echo chamber, so not worth my time.

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WB: What did you want to be when you were a 12-year-old? Twenty-five? Now? 


DA: A rock star. I play the bass guitar and have always been a metalhead, so probably Randy Rhoads. An entrepreneur. But at the time, I wanted to own a record store. Now,  I’m extremely happy with what I do. It’s hard to beat being the CEO of a major cannabis company in North America.


WB: Tell me about your company? What does your company do? What is your six-month plan? Twelve-month plan? 


DA: CannAmerica Brands Corporation is a cannabis branding and licensing company, operating in Colorado, Nevada, Maryland and soon-to-be Oklahoma [in October]. We create distillate oil-based edibles (gummies), vaporization products and concentrates. We are publicly traded in Canada on the CSE as CANA and the OTC as CNNXF. We license our brand, procedures, and intellectual properties and proprietary process and supply chain to licensed cannabis operators across the U.S. We are currently selling products in Colorado, Nevada and Maryland.


For the next six months, we are focused on expansion of licensing into Canada, Massachusetts, California, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Arkansas and Missouri. Over the next year, we will look to acquire brands [finished products, retail and raw materials] in the regulated cannabis space and the hemp-based, full-spectrum product and raw-materials global marketplace.


WB: Do you cook? Who taught you? What is your favorite thing to make?


DA: I mostly grill meat, but enjoy making spicy dishes. All of the women in my life taught me to cook: my mother, stepmother, grandmother. But my wife has taught me more about cooking than anyone. I enjoy making ribeyes, bacon, Mexican dishes and extremely spicy green chile.


WB: Is there anything that you eat or drink or smoke that brings a tear to your eye when you eat/drink/smoke it? Do you have a favorite restaurant? Where is it? What kind of food? 


DA: Literally? Ghost peppers and Carolina Reapers. Figuratively? While I love everything spicy, I am a fan of breakfast. My favorite meal is breakfast-sausage gravy with fried eggs over easy. My favorite restaurant is La Parilla Suiza in Tucson, Arizona, on Oracle near the Miracle Mile. It’s authentic Mexican food.


WB: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would that be, doing what with whom?


DA: On a boat on a lake in Northern Colorado with my wife, son and friends. Doesn’t matter what we’re doing; being at the lake is my Zen.


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Written by Warren Bobrow


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