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The CBD Revolution & The END Of Prohibition! – What You Need To Know!

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Anglin of Cannamerica Brands the effectiveness of CBD and THC. For many years people laughed at the notion that CBD could be good for you. It appeared as though it was an excuse more than a matter of fact. In recent days however, we’ve seen countless studies proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that at the very least CBD can help millions of people with their ailments. While it’s not necessarily a cure itself, it’s of great help in cutting down serious symptoms and leading people down a path towards curing their ailments. Parkinson’s, cancer, epilepsy, there are many examples of CBD making people’s lives far better and far more bearable. Dan talks about the future of the CBD market as well as his own products at Cannamerica. Will we see cannabis legalized federally in the near future now that Jeff Sessions is no longer in? There’s a lot of optimism but of course it’s entirely impossible to predict as of now, but it could be a major game changer down the line. Dan founded Cannamerica in order to help people with illnesses and provide them a product that’s recognizable, easy to not be mistakenly consumed and of course to provide a good product for recreational users where it’s legal as well.

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